Choosing the Right Beard Style for Your Face Shape: A NYC Barber’s Guide

Choosing the right beard style is an essential aspect of a man’s grooming routine. Your beard is a key element of your personal style and can significantly influence how others perceive you. It can also enhance your facial features and help express your unique personality.

The best beard style for you will depend on several factors, including your face shape, lifestyle, and the amount of time you’re willing to invest in maintenance. It’s crucial to select a style that compliments your facial structure, aligns with your daily routine, and suits your personal preferences.

Whether you opt for a full beard, goatee, stubble, or clean-shaven look, your decision should reflect your individuality while taking into account practical considerations. Remember, a well-groomed beard is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a testament to your self-care and attention to detail. Be bold, be creative, but above all, let your beard make you feel comfortable and confident.

Selecting the right beard shape can be a challenging decision, but you don’t have to make it alone. At Wise Men Barbershop in New York, our experienced barbers are ready to guide you through this process.

How to get perfect beard style for the face shape

Beard styles for round face shape

Choosing the right beard style is crucial for complimenting your face shape. If you have a round face, here are three beard styles that can help add definition and create a more elongated appearance:

  • Goatee: A goatee is a great choice for a round face as it helps to elongate the face and draw attention to the chin. This style includes hair on the chin and usually a mustache, with the cheeks cleanly shaven. The length and shape of the goatee can vary based on your preference, but a longer, pointed style can further enhance the elongating effect.
  • Balbo Beard: Named after Italo Balbo, an Italian Air Marshal, the Balbo beard is a combination of a mustache and a disconnected beard, usually including a floating mustache and hair on the chin. The Balbo beard suits round faces as it creates angles and lines that contrast with the face’s roundness. This style requires precision in shaving or trimming to maintain the distinct parts of the beard, highlighting the chin and drawing attention away from the cheeks.
  • Short Boxed Beard: The short boxed beard is a neatly trimmed style that is longer on the chin and shorter on the sides. This look adds length to a round face by creating the illusion of a more angular jawline. The short boxed beard offers a mature, sophisticated look that can be easily maintained with regular trimming.

Beard styles for triangle face shape

Choosing a beard style that complements your face shape is crucial in enhancing your overall appearance. For individuals with a triangular face shape, the goal is to add some width to the lower part of your face while avoiding adding extra volume around the chin and jawline. Here are three beard styles suitable for a triangular face shape:

  • Full Beard: A full beard can help to balance a triangular face by adding volume and breadth to the lower half of your face. By keeping the sides fuller and the bottom slightly shorter, you can reduce the emphasis on a pointed chin. It’s a classic look that suits many, and regular grooming is crucial to maintain the style.
  • Stubble Beard: A stubble beard can also work well with a triangular face. Whether you choose to keep it short or opt for a longer, ‘heavy stubble’ look, this style adds some much-needed texture without enhancing a prominent chin. It’s also an excellent option for those who prefer a low-maintenance beard style.
  • Anchor Beard: The anchor beard, which comprises a pointed beard that traces the jawline, paired with a moustache, can work well for triangular faces. Named for its resemblance to a ship’s anchor, this style balances the prominent jawline of a triangular face without adding too much volume to the chin.

Beard styles for square face shape

Selecting a beard style that complements your square face shape can accentuate your strong jawline and chiseled features. Here are three beard styles that typically suit a square face shape:

  • Circle Beard: A circle beard, also known as a standard beard, is a combination of a rounded goatee and a mustache. This style can help soften the angles of a square face. By keeping the beard moderately short, you can maintain a neat appearance while adding some roundness to your face.
  • Short Boxed Beard: A short boxed beard is a neatly trimmed style that suits square faces quite well. This look can add a touch of ruggedness without obscuring the natural angularity of your face. It’s a versatile style that offers a sophisticated look and is easy to maintain with regular trimming.
  • Goatee: A goatee can be a good option if you want to soften the strong lines of a square face. This style puts more emphasis on the chin and can help lengthen the appearance of your face. Goatees can be worn with or without a mustache, and you can adjust the width and length according to your preference.

Beard styles for oval face shape

Having an oval face shape is considered ideal for beard styling due to its balanced proportions. Essentially, if you have an oval face, most beard styles will suit you well. Here are three recommendations:

  • Full Beard: A full beard can add a sense of masculinity and ruggedness without disrupting the balance of an oval face. It’s a classic and versatile look that suits many. It can be kept neat for a professional appearance or allowed to grow longer for a more rugged aesthetic.
  • Goatee: A goatee is a beard style that focuses on the chin area, often accompanied by a mustache. This style can add some edge to your look without overwhelming your balanced features. Goatees come in various shapes and sizes, and you can choose one that best fits your style.
  • Van Dyke Beard: Named after the 17th-century artist Anthony Van Dyck, the Van Dyke beard is a style that combines a goatee with a detached mustache. This beard style adds a touch of sophistication and can be a unique choice that sets you apart, while still harmonizing with the proportions of an oval face.

A NYC Barber’s Guide for choosing beard shape

Choosing the right beard form can significantly impact your overall appearance, making you look more stylish and trendy. Here are some key tips to guide you, and remember, the professional barbers at Wise Men Barbershop, a prominent NYC barbershop, are always there to help:

  1. Identify Your Face Shape: Your face shape plays a significant role in determining which beard form will suit you best. Whether your face is round, square, oval, or triangular can guide you towards a beard style that will compliment your features and enhance your overall look.
  2. Consider Your Lifestyle: Your beard should reflect your lifestyle and personal style. For instance, if you have a more laid-back, casual lifestyle, a full, rugged beard might be suitable. For a more corporate environment, a neatly trimmed beard may be more appropriate.
  3. Maintenance Level: Different beard forms require different levels of upkeep. Make sure you choose a style that fits with the amount of time and effort you’re willing to invest in maintaining it.
  4. Seek Professional Advice: The professional barbers of New York at Wise Men Barbershop are highly experienced in advising on beard styles. They can guide you based on your face shape, beard growth patterns, and personal preferences to ensure you end up with a beard form that’s both flattering and manageable.
  5. Experiment: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. Your beard can always grow back, so feel free to try various forms until you find the one that suits you best.
  6. Keep it Healthy: Regardless of the form you choose, maintaining a healthy beard is crucial. Regular cleaning, conditioning, and trimming will keep your beard looking its best.

By following these tips and keeping up with the latest trends, you can ensure that your beard form adds to your overall style and personality. During a beard shape consultation, our seasoned barbers consider various factors such as your face shape, lifestyle, beard growth patterns, and personal style. With their extensive knowledge and keen eye for detail, they can recommend a beard shape that compliments your facial structure and aligns with your personal preferences and daily routine.

We not only suggest a suitable beard shape but also provide guidance on how to maintain it, including tips on trimming, conditioning, and grooming. Our barbers understand that a well-shaped beard can significantly enhance your overall appearance, boost your confidence, and reflect your unique personality.

So, whether you’re considering a major beard transformation or a simple tidy-up, a professional consultation at Wise Men Barbershop is a valuable first step towards achieving your ideal beard shape. Let our experienced barbers assist you in curating a beard style that perfectly suits you.