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What Are the Latest Beard Styles for 2024?

As we venture further into 2024, the beard continues to reign as a pivotal element of men’s style, evolving with trends that cater to various tastes and facial structures. This year, we’re seeing a blend of classic revival and innovative twists that promise versatility and personality. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle change or a complete makeover, here’s a look at the latest beard styles making waves in 2024, alongside expert advice from barbers on how to achieve and maintain these fashionable looks.

1. The Textured Stubble

Gone are the days when stubble was merely a sign of grooming neglect. In 2024, the textured stubble emerges as a deliberate style, meticulously maintained to offer a rugged yet refined look. This style is perfect for those seeking a low-maintenance beard that still adds character and edge. To achieve this look, use a trimmer with a guard to keep the length uniform, and invest in a good stubble conditioner to keep the skin underneath healthy.

2. The Sculpted Beard

Precision and definition mark the sculpted beard, a style that celebrates the artistry of barbering. Characterized by sharp lines and symmetrical shapes, this beard style is tailored to accentuate the jawline and cheekbones, making it ideal for men looking to add structure to their facial features. Regular visits to the barber are essential to maintain the sculpted look, along with daily edging and shaping at home using a quality trimmer.

3. The Full Natural

In contrast to the sculpted beard, the full natural style embraces the beard’s organic growth pattern, allowing it to flourish with minimal interference. This look is about letting nature take its course but with a touch of grooming to ensure it remains neat and tidy. Regular washing and conditioning, along with occasional trims to remove split ends and maintain shape, are key to mastering this effortlessly masculine style.

4. The Mustache-Beard Combo

2024 sees the rise of the mustache-beard combo, where the mustache is given as much prominence as the beard. This style varies from the subtle blending of the mustache into a short beard to bold, statement mustaches paired with longer beards. It’s a style that allows for personal expression and versatility. To keep the look balanced, focus on regular shaping and trimming of both the mustache and beard, using styling wax to give your mustache the desired form.

5. The Van Dyke

A classic that has found renewed popularity in 2024, the Van Dyke consists of a detached mustache and goatee, offering a distinguished look that nods to the past while feeling entirely modern. This style suits most face shapes and is especially flattering for those looking to elongate the appearance of their face. Precision is key to achieving the Van Dyke, requiring careful daily grooming to keep the lines clean and the rest of the face smoothly shaved.


This year’s beard trends reflect a broad spectrum of styles, from the meticulously groomed to the beautifully natural. Choosing the right beard style can enhance your facial features, express your personality, and keep you at the forefront of men’s fashion. Regardless of the trend you lean towards, the secret to a great beard remains consistent: proper maintenance, regular grooming, and a good relationship with your barber. Embrace these latest styles to make a statement in 2024, and don’t forget to enjoy the journey of growing and styling your beard.